Bolmen Bed – hostel in Bolmen village’s former children summer camp. At our premises, you can allow yourself to be fully immersed into nature with uninterrupted access to the surrounding forest and a panoramic view of lake Bolmen.

If you’re thinking of an evening swim, or just a lakeside sunset, the lake is conveniently accessible by a wooded path leading from our premises, or via the village road. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of a passing roe deer in our garden. Or just slack back in a seat and take an evening in our grand lounge, complete with a children’s corner and free Wi-Fi.

Treat yourself to a BBQ or a camp fire under the stars in our garden, and enjoy an alfresco round of one of our garden games.

Self-cater at Bolmen Bed with access to all your usual household appliances (stove, fridge & freezer, microwave, dish- and washing machines). We offer bedding, towels and bikes for rent. Breakfast for sale.

Please note that due to our friendly house cat, we cannot welcome pets to Bolmen Bed.